Calendar of Events

Leeward Steelers

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Monday August 25, 2014 4:30pm - 6pm

- Car Wash Money/Tickets Due

- Mitey - Mite Blazin Steak Money/Tickets Due

- Won Ton Chip ticket distribution

All money/ticket return and ticket distribution will take place under the white tent.

Tuesday August 25, 2014

- Weight Certification 4pm

- Parent MPR Training (Tentative) 5pm - 6:30pm

Friday August 29, 2014 

- Tshirt/Merchandise Money Due

Saturday August 30, 2014 10am-2pm

- Registration Car Wash at Kmart

Wednesday September 3, 2014

- Registration Payment Deadline

Thursday September 4, 2014

- Game Jersey Distribution 

Friday September 5, 2014

- Parent Meeting after practice

Sunday September 7, 2014

- Game Day TBD

A message from coach Wyatt...



Welcome Steeler ohana to our 2014 Tackle football season kickoff.  I would first like to welcome each of you to our program, where through hard work discipline, dedication, team work, and determination our children are taught the basic values of life to become champions on and off the field.  It is our goal to provide the basic values of life to become champions on and off the field.  It is our goal to provide the basic tools to build future leaders, and role models of tomorrow.  Every year it takes a collaboration of hard working volunteers to maintain a successful program.  This is year is no different.  I am very proud of our team of volunteers that continue to set an example of dedication and commitment.  I truly hope that you enjoy this football season with us and look forward in sharing memories to last a lifetime.

Please keep in mind, our truing regimen is very demanding and is something we pride ourselves on.  We remind all of you that this is a very challenging sport and our goal as a staff is to prepare our athletes physically and psychologically for any challenges they may face.


Coach Wyatt